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Kim Roberts is the Captain in charge of the Administrative Division at the Kenton County Detention Center. The facility is currently undergoing an expansion from 480 beds to 650 beds, but will still remain the third largest jail in Kentucky. A jail of this size needs to keep a large amount of information at its fingertips to track inmates and finances. For the past year and a half, they have discovered JailTracker to be the most efficient program for their needs.

Kenton County chose to switch to JailTracker after seeing the innovative technology it implemented that its competitors were not approaching, such as fingerprint identification. While their old program did not update their software or customize to each jail’s needs, JailTracker strives to meet every need, even before it is requested. Whether it is in the initial transition period, or just in day-to-day tasks, if something is missing it will be added to the program immediately. “Anything you ask for, if it’s programmable, they’ll do it for you,” adds Roberts. JailTracker accept input from everyone; if one jail needs something but another jail doesn’t, they will still do it, no questions asked.

JailTracker makes everyday processes simpler for the administrative department. Roberts is able to scan in regular documents and reports, which the whole staff is able to access, eliminating the mounds of paperwork previously necessary. All the information is contained in JailTracker, and employees know where to look for it. They no longer need to make phone calls or track someone down, because the information is available any time and is very user friendly, even for the computer illiterate.

In addition to being flexible in the programming, JailTracker’s technical support is extremely accessible and eager to help. During the training process they will stay as long as the staff needs them, and afterwards are reachable twenty-four hours a day by cell phone. With competitors, it often takes quite a while to get support, but with JailTracker the answer is available within a day or even a few minutes. Roberts says, “I have a really good working relationship with Dalton, one of the programmers. If I need a report, most of the time it’s on the fly. You know, ‘Give me ten minutes and I’ll have it to you,’ and most of the time he does. He’s always right there for anything I need.”

Roberts has found Dalton’s services to be invaluable on more than one occasion. During the recent expansion process, Kenton County Detention Center hired a consultant who was very demanding, requiring reports with information that was next to impossible to compile manually. It could have been a very tedious project for Roberts, but she was able to call Dalton and have him collect the necessary information. He never told her no and even followed up to make sure she got everything she needed. Roberts concludes, “I know they’re picking up more and more jails, but I still feel like I’m the only one. I don’t feel like I’m bugging them when I call. I love this company. I really do.”


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JailTrackerTM Joins Forces with InterActTM

We are pleased to announce that we are joining forces with InterActTM, which has acquired JailTrackerTM.

Like JailTracker, InterAct is 100% focused on developing incident response and management software applications to improve the safety, responsiveness and efficiency of public safety professionals.

This is a strategic acquisition that will benefit the current, and future, customers of both companies. The combination of the JailTracker product set with the InterAct CAD, Maps, Mobile, and RMS applications will result in a robust suite of integrated products that will produce significant added value and economies of scale for our mutual customers.

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