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When Rick Benningfield was planning to open a new jail, he knew exactly what software program to use. David Ogles, the President and CEO of JailTracker, met with Benningfield and showed him the system, at which point the jailer learned that JailTracker offered more to him and was easier to work with than most systems.

Benningfield is the jailer at Taylor County Detention Center in Kentucky, a 204-bed facility that opened November 17, 2008. The JailTracker staff came to the site and trained Benningfield’s staff on how to use the program. He found they were very helpful whenever he called as well. “Any time I needed them they came to the detention center and helped us out whenever we had a problem” Benningfield added. He appreciates JailTracker’s ongoing support and involvement, whether it is one-on-one assistance or group training sessions.

At a recent session, the jailer was eager to have more of his staff members attend once he realized how helpful the training would be in teaching the new updates. “I want to make sure that everybody does everything just right.” Benningfield continues, “I don’t think that they’re going to have any problems with it because it seems to be simple. And that’s what JailTracker is; it’s simple to work with where you can just jump in and learn really fast.”

Since the beginning, JailTracker has made everyday functions simpler for the staff. “I’m on JailTracker every day,” says Benningfield. “I check it at home, which is a big plus.” JailTracker simplifies general reporting and sales, and has incident reports and forms available to print out. The scanning system for sales ensures staff of the date and time something was processed, and also eliminates the need to sort through paperwork when referencing the sale later.

JailTracker is invaluable to both the jail staff and the community. Benningfield continuously receives phone calls from the public requesting information on inmates at the facility. “I can just pop into JailTracker and it helps me to be able to answer their questions.” The program even enables him to search according to religion, if he wanted to know how many Methodists or Baptists were currently in the facility.

The advanced search possibilities JailTracker offers saves time and provides convenience. When faced with a lawsuit, Benningfield is able to pull up the specific incident in JailTracker and see which deputy wrote the incident report. He is then able to call the deputy and ask the questions he needs. “It is so helpful to be able to punch into the system and find what you need all the time,” praises Benningfield.

For the past year and a half, Taylor County has been running smoothly under the JailTracker program. The facility has had many jails visit to check out the system and ask questions. “I always give them an A+,” states Benningfield. “Come on in and check JailTracker out, because you’re going to love it.”


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