JailTracker will help increase productivity in your facility by automating manually intensive tasks. Our scheduling and alerts improve your workflows and help you stay on top of critical tasks.


Dynamic Dashboard

JailTracker provides users configurable dashboards to eliminate having to navigate throughout the system to monitor different aspects of the operation.

Functions such email, schedules, alerts, and selected reports are displayed on the users dashboard and are dynamically updated by JailTracker as conditions change, new information is received, and alerts are triggered.



JailTracker’s workflow function is utilized to control the entry, analysis, and response of information based on preset response conditions. Workflow examples include the ability to:

  • Determine which data fields will or will not be displayed.
  • Specify which fields are mandatory.
  • Add customized fields required by the facility.
  • Auto populate selected fields with available data.
  • Set alerts to notify users when certain conditions arise.
  • Authorize permission to view and/or change required information.

  • Workflow management can also be utilized together with JailTracker’s Scheduling and Alerting features to proactively identify, direct, and communicate selected conditions.
  • This feature ensures busy personnel are always on top of every situation.

Screen Customization

JailTracker’s screens can be configured to control the booking process by walking the user through booking screens in a field by field manner.

  • This feature assures that the user stays on track and that all required information is captured in the correct sequence.
  • With this, JailTracker is easier to navigate, ensuring all required data is entered securely.

Automated Notifications

JailTracker provides a robust notification system that can be utilized to ensure no scheduled activities get missed or forgotten. JailTracker can provide notifications for:

  • Inmate related activities such as appointments or transfers.
  • Facility related activities such as equipment maintenance and inspection.
  • Employee related requirements such as training, certification and reviews.
  • Reminders can be received as screen alerts, email alerts, and/or text messages.

Virtual Jacket

Jail Tracker’s virtual jacket maintains a complete inmate history. Virtual Jacket information is available to all authorized users via direct inquiry, reports, and workflow. An item in an inmate’s Virtual Jacket such as “gang affiliation” can use workflow to trigger alerts and notifications.



  • JailTracker’s Booking functions can be configured to support each facilities’ process while making it more efficient and effective.
  • The screens are customizable and can include pull down field menus to assure consistent field selections.
  • Selections can utilize JailTracker’s automated workflow functionality causing additional fields to be required dependent upon the selections made.
  • If the system detects that the inmate has information in the system from a previous incarceration it will prepopulate relevant fields.

Bar Coding

JailTracker provides the ability to print and track barcodes on documents.

  • Together with Workflow Management and Automated Notification, documents can be directed to where they need to go and users notified when a document requires their attention.
  • Alerts can also be generated if documents are not acted upon in a predefined amount of time.

Wristbands & Access Cards

  • Wristbands and magnetic cards can be assigned to inmates, staff and visitors, controlling access to predefined areas.
  • JailTracker also maintains a history of usage, providing the ability to rapidly locate individuals.
  • Access authorization can be added or removed remotely in real time either manually or by predefined conditions in the workflow process.
  • Electronically tracked movement can also be monitored on a user’s dashboard if desired.

Inventory & Equipment Tags

Equipment and expensive inventory can be tagged for identification and tracking. Items can easily disappear in a facility of any size and the tracking of its movement electronically eliminates time lost while searching.


Document Imaging

  • JailTracker’s Document Imaging provides the ability to scan and store digital documents within the database.
  • These documents can house information on offenders, medical records, facilities, officers and reported incidents.
  • Scanning improves staff productivity by centralizing all documents.
  • Costs are reduced by minimizing paper usage and makes the information readily available to authorized users.
  • Digital documents can be backed up and stored offsite for security.

Working with data outside the jail

  • JailTracker’s inmate Program Management Module offers a simple way for your jail facility to maintain registration and attendance records for GED classes, staff training events and group sessions.
  • This reporting accuracy on program attendance submitted to funding organizations can directly increase your facility's revenue.
  • Inmate Program Management is integrated with the Scheduling and Dashboard features of JailTracker.


JailTracker’s scheduling feature serves a wide range of needs


Manual entry of scheduled events such as meetings (internal and external), appointments, HR reviews, certifications and machine servicing.


Workflow related activities that appear on the schedule after a certain event or condition has occurred.